INTEX for Bulgarian

На български

INTEX for Bulgarian

The INTEX Author: Max Silberztein

INTEX is a linguistic development environment that includes large-coverage dictionaries and grammars, and parses texts of several millions words in real time. INTEX includes tools for creating and maintaining of large-coverage lexical resources, as well as morphological and syntactic grammars.

Latest INTEX Workshops:

Bulgarian resources for INTEX

Large-coverage Bulgarian INTEX representation is being developed by Sofia INTEX research team. The Bulgarian INTEX module can be obtained free for scientific purposes. Contact us if interested

  • FST for sentence recognition
  • DELAF dictionary with over 18 000 entries
  • DELACF dictionary for compound words
  • FSTs for some lexical entries

Main Publications

  • S. Koeva, INTEX for Windows description of Bulgarian lexical and grammatical knowledge, Proceedings of "Text Corpora and Multilingual Lexicography", Bratislava, 4-7 November, 1999.
  • S. Koeva, S. Mihov, INTEX 4.0 for Bulgarian (Error checking as an INTEX application), 3th INTEX Workshop, Liege, 12-13 June, 2000.

Related projects

  • Master`s program in Computational Linguistics at Sofia University
  • Computer representation of grammatical knowledge of Bulgarian (1999-2000) between LADL - University of Paris VII and DCMB - Institute for Bulgarian Language, BAS
  • Bulgarian INTEX (2001) between LADL - University of Paris VII and DCMB - Institute for Bulgarian Language, BAS

Sofia INTEX Research Team

  • Principal scientists: Svetla Koeva, Stoyan Mihov
  • Researchers working at DCMB and BACL
  • Students from Sofia University and Plovdiv University
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