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ItaEst - It is so!

Ita Est* means in Latin "It is so". Ita Est was used as a mark that a document is correctly written and edited.

  1. A Brief introduction
  2. Terms and Conditions on Use of the Product
  3. Download
  4. Integration to other platforms

A Brief introduction

"ItaEst - Taka e!" is a spelling checker and hyphenator system for Bulgarian language, compatible with Microsoft Office 2000, XP and 2003.

The product consists of a spelling checker, which includes a dictionary, and a hyphenator. The spelling checker recognizes and marks the misspelled words in the text. On demand it offers the most probable correction candidates for replacement. The hyphenator allows a correct automatic hyphenation at the end of the lines.

"ItaEst - Taka e!" is based on the electronic grammar dictionary, created by researchers at The Institute for Bulgarian Language, which includes 70 000 base word forms covering essentailly the whole Bulgarian language. The dictionary allows correct analysis and synthesis of over 1 mln. Bulgarian wordforms.

The product implements new language technologies developed in the framework of international research projects. The functionality of the product is realized by applying Levenshtein automata and bimachines for optimal speed, precision and coverage.

Terms and Conditions on Use of the Product

The Bulgarian Association for Computational Linguistics gives the rights for  free of charge installation of the product, use of it in the framework of Microsoft Office and distributing the installation package under the condition that its integrity and content are unchanged. The full text of the "ItaEst - Taka e!" license can be found here.


Here you can download the installation package ItaEst_setup_V1.01.exe. The size of the file is 5.46 MB.

The installation package is included in the CD-ROM of "PC Magazine Bulgaria" Vol. 1 2004.

Integration to other platforms

All programs in "ItaEst - Taka e!" are platform independent. They are programmed in ANSI C and compile successfuly on almost all modern platforms. They could be integrated to various text processing and other applications in case an appropriate interface is available.

The Bulgarian Association for Computational Linguistics has currently integrated "ItaEst - Taka e!" to Microsoft Office. If you have propositions for integration of "ItaEst - Taka e!" to other applications please write us to

Please send us your comments for "ItaEst - Taka e!" on

* The name of the product has been suggested by dr. Gergana Dacheva from the Kathedra for Bulgarian Language at Faculty for Slavic Languages at Sofia University.
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